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Two Men About Town

Bailey & Williams
Two Men About Town
Kyle, like his fellow ginger heroines, has the style of Julianne Moore (attention Tom Ford if you're reading), the wit of Carol Burnett, the allure of Christina Hendricks, the moxie of Pippi Longstocking, the fancy-ness of Reba McEntire, and the dance moves of 1980s Molly Ringwald. And he has a higher tolerance for anesthesia than non-gingers. Kyle is a Golden Girls fanatic and rocks a signature gap between his teeth that rivals Lauren Hutton. He has a post-graduate degree in psychology, so he's likely judging/analyzing you. He'll be found floating in the pool (rare for an SPF 100 ginger), enjoying a late dinner with cocktails, or scheming about his five-year plan to move to the beach.

In a former life in which he peaked early, Matthew performed internationally as a vocalist and was a multi-titled World's Champion exhibitor of American Saddlebreds. So essentially he's a "has-been" singing cowboy like Gene Autry. Now he fancies himself an amateur chorister and professional equestrian socialite. Matthew never wears shorts or jeans, almost always wears monogrammed shirts, and tries his damnedest not to wear socks year-round. In his spare time, he daydreams about opening a Bojangles in Louisville solely to feed his cravings for Boberry Biscuits. A true friend would never call him please don't.

Black & White
The "Half" in "Two and a Half Men" About Town
Tyler, a parti poodle supermodel, was born in the Lonestar State but quickly realized that "city water" is sweeter in Kentucky. So he boarded a plane bound for the Bluegrass and was adopted by two guys who found him circling the conveyor belt in the airport's baggage claim. Like his paternal sidekicks, Tyler has an extensive bowtie collection and an affinity for Cheerios and strawberry ice cream. He stays active by going on four-in-hand walks in Anchorage and running laps around Meme's pool. Tyler is single and ready to mingle.